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Fit Travel

Fit Travel is an association under the law of 1901

Created in November 2019 by declaration in the Official Journal of associations and corporate foundations. "Ad n°1370, Fit Travel offers various sporting and recreational activities suitable for all ages and all needs in France, in the European Union and abroad." This association is located in Haute Savoie and more precisely in Thonon les Bains. The founder of Fit Travel, Amal Hatimi, a professional sportswoman, has given birth to a whole new concept of stays, sports, well-being and discovery stays between adults or families. A wide choice of projects to satisfy as many people as possible.

Fit Travel concept

The Fit Travel team has given birth to a whole new concept of stays. A stay combining sport, well-being and discovery in atypical and magnificent places, with its own culture. Weekends or stays specializing in dance or pole dancing for professionals or amateurs wanting to discover this art while enjoying an all-inclusive holiday.

Values and Collaboration

"Discovering new horizons, new sports activities, new places while lounging". We treat everyone with respect and kindness. We are authentic and we behave in an optimistic way.  We look forward to delighting each of you.
Each member of our team is motivated, competent, seeks to obtain the best results and find the best answers. We leave room for all opinions and suggestions.
We are a team and we work as such following the philosophy of our association. We help each other and we move forward thanks to each other's resources. Each of us is integrated according to his own strengths and the work is thus equitably shared.
Our cooperation is based on trust, respect for others, tolerance and attention. We are open to feedback with a view to continuous improvement.


“The search for the best quality is our requirement and our passion. »
We work very precisely and we aim for perfection. We always welcome feedback from our customers, as we want to understand both what we have done well and where we can still improve.

The Fit Travel Team

Our team is made up of the President of the association Mr. Touzé Julien and our stay organizer Mrs. Amal Hatimi. For each stay we surround ourselves with qualified people who allow us to bring us help and support for a beneficial supervision of our stays.
Thanks to you, Fit Travel will continue to inspire you with the most extraordinary stays year after year.

The Partners 
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