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Packages for Small and Medium Associations Sports Activities 

Your registration only includes Civil Liability insurance taken out by Fit Travel with the company MAIF

(contract no. 9437026 K).

Who is insured and with what guarantees?

  • Members, regular or occasional participants, managers, volunteers and employees benefit from "Civil Liability Defense", "Compensation for Bodily Injury", "Damage to Participants' Property", "Recourse to Legal Protection" and "Assistance" guarantees.

  • The association benefits from the guarantees "Civil Liability Defense" and Recourse Legal Protection"


This insurance covers you for damage caused to others during the activities of your sports program, and for which you could be declared responsible.
On the other hand, outside the activities, for any damage caused to a third party, it will be your own Civil Liability Private Life which will intervene.

For more information you can contact us directly.​

Complementary Insurance  (not included and recommended)
Cancellation-Travel-Rental Insurance
Special Agreement

We draw your attention to the importance of taking out individual supplementary insurance.
Indeed, registering for your stay does not give you full insurance and your personal cover is insufficient. Thus, for more peace of mind, we strongly recommend that you complete it by subscribing to the MAIF complementary insurance offer.

The guarantee may be implemented in all cases where the cancellation has been justified by  :

1 . The death :

  • the participant himself, his spouse, his partner or his partner in the context of a civil solidarity pact (PACS), his  ascendants or descendants in direct line;

  • the person appearing on the same registration form as the participant;

  • brothers, sisters, brothers-in-law or sisters-in-law, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law of the participant;

2 . Medically certified illness or bodily injury suffered, including during an attack, resulting in the inability to leave the room for a minimum of eight days for the persons listed above, with the exception of those mentioned in 1. vs.

3 . The accidental destruction of professional or private premises occupied by the participant or tenant, occurring after the subscription of the contract and imperatively requiring his presence at the scene of the incident on the day of departure.

4 . Economic dismissal:

  •  of the participant, his spouse, his partner, or his partner in the context of a civil solidarity pact (PACS);

  •  the father or the mother or the person who is responsible for the minor participant for tax purposes.

5 . Complications of pregnancy or pregnancy leading to contraindication of displacement, occurring in the first 6 months of pregnancy.

6 . Summons before a court as a witness or juror for a date during your stay, provided that the summons was not known when this cover was taken out.

7 . The summons for the adoption of a child for a date falling during the stay, provided that the date was not known when this cover was taken out.

8 . A professional transfer requiring the participant to move between the departure date and the return date of the stay, provided that the transfer was not known at the time of subscription to this guarantee and that it is not consecutive to a request from the participant.

9 . The emergency requisition of the participant within the framework of a public, medical or military service.

10 . The occurrence of an attack, a riot or an act of terrorism occurring abroad in the city or cities of destination or stay.

The guarantee is acquired provided that the following 5 conditions are met:

  • the event has caused material and bodily damage in the city or cities of destination or stay;

  • the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against travel to the city or cities of destination or stay;

  • the impossibility for the travel organizer to offer another place of destination or a substitute stay;

  • the date of departure is scheduled less than 30 days after the date of occurrence of the event;

  • no similar event has occurred in the city or cities of destination or stay in the 30 days preceding the booking of your trip.

The guarantee is acquired from its subscription, which must occur when registering for the trip or stay, or when booking the rental, until the moment of departure or entry into use of the premises.  

Registration procedures:

To subscribe, the member completes the subscription-modification document that the Fit Travel association will provide you with.

For more information about this additional insurance, contact the Fit Travel association directly.

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